Trailer Trapper

Marineovations, LLC, produces and markets a handy device called the “Trailer Trapper.” The Trailer Trapper’s primary objective is to limit the number of accidents caused by a trailer releasing from the trailer ball. According to their website, in Georgia during the 2004 year, 24 people were killed as a result of a trailer becoming unhitched from a trailer ball while driving.

Essentially, the Trailer Trapper has a part that attaches to the trailer ball hitch and will swivel around and locks in place. Once this part is in place, the trailer will not release from the trailer ball.


Also, part of the Trailer Trapper is a V shaped guide that assists the driver of the hauling vehicle in hitching. It does this by allowing the driver to back up and guides the trailer hitch onto the trailer ball.

Another innovation with the Trailer Trapper is the optional light attachment. This provides the driver and “hitcher” with light to see by while hitching a trailer. The light can also be used for many other applications, from cleaning fish to making a repair. The light attaches to the vehicle’s trailer hitch assembly. Therefore, it eliminates the need for someone to hold the light for whatever job is at hand. In much the same way, the Trailer Trapper also eliminates the need for a “hitcher” to assist the driver in hitching a trailer to the trailer ball.

Marineovations has visited many fishing and outdoor trade shows to promote their product. One of their marketing methods is a video. This video demonstrates how trailers can unhitch themselves as a result of a bumpy ride. This video also demonstrates how the Trailer Trapper can eliminate this unhitching process. Trailer Trappers can be ordered at 229-559-1118.