Trailer Ball

A trailer ball is a unique accessory designed to assist vehicles in the hauling of trailers.  Prior to this invention, trailers were attached to vehicles simply with a pin through a receiver.  The invention of the trailer ball standardized hitching trailers to vehicles.

Trailer balls are used to attach numerous trailers to vehicles. These include boat trailers, farm livestock trailers, horse trailers, utility trailers, campers, and more types of trailers and equipment. Selecting the correct trailer ball for the job at hand is important to making sure you have a safe and sucessful trip.

Vehicles, usually trucks, jeeps, and sport utility vehicles, may have a ball hitch receiver attached to their frame, or, they may simply have a bumper mount receiver. The receiver or bumper may be fitted with trailer balls and/or switch balls as hitch accessories. A trailer ball is a type of pulling equipment that attaches the trailer to vehicle pulling a load. The trailer ball then conveys the weight and force of the trailer.

A trailer ball is also often called a hitch ball. This device is rounded so that it is conducive to horizontal and vertical movement. It is important to remember that a trailer tongue gyrates in many different directions while being towed. Also, it important to consider the load that will be towed in selecting the right trailer ball.

A switch ball is an innovation in trailer ball towing. It was develop because often a driver many have cause to exchange trailer balls for different sizes usually when a driver tows a trailer out of his/her normal conditions. Switch balls are handy in this situation. These can be “switched,” or exchanged, easily.